Caterpillar D6R Dozer

Caterpillar D6R Dozer | Specifications, prices, reviews

Bulldozer D6R Caterpillar — universal dozer 10 traction class. The dozer has high performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness, and is also capable of operating under different climatic conditions.Caterpillar D6R Dozer

Due to the excellent power, reliability and productivity ratio, the D6R Caterpillar dozer can be used in various types of industrial work in oil and gas, road construction and mining industries, as well as in the development of various heavy and frozen soils.Caterpillar D6R Dozer

The D6R Caterpillar is specially designed for heavy duty operation, which guarantees trouble-free and optimal operation of the CAT D6R dozer regardless of operating conditions and complexity of operation.


  • Engine Cat C9 ACERT power of 192 hp;
  • Updated cabin;
  • Reliable running gear;
  • Ease of operation;

Caterpillar D6R Dozer

Caterpillar D6R dozer | The price is $258 000

The price of the D6R Caterpillar dozer with Cat C9 ACERT engine of 192 hp, with bulldozer and ripping equipment, with an operating weight of 19,500 kg — is $258 000. The price of the D6R Caterpillar used bulldozer starts at $65 000.

Caterpillar D6R dozer | Specifications

The Caterpillar D6R dozer has excellent specifications, a powerful engine and a reliable running system. Due to its characteristics, reliability and ease of operation, the D6R Caterpillar bulldozer is one of the best on the market among dozers of the same class.


The engine of the D6R Caterpillar Cat C9 ACERT dozer with a power of 192 hp. and meets the highest environmental standards and emission requirements for pollutants Tier 2 / Stage II / China Nonroad II.Caterpillar D6R Dozer


Engine power, hp 192
Engine capacity, l 8,8
Engine crankshaft speed, rpm 1900
Diameter of the cylinder, mm 112
Piston stroke, mm 149


Reliable and time-tested transmission with the electronic gearbox of the D6R Caterpillar bulldozer with three forward speeds and three reverse speeds ensures precise and smooth control of the dozer’s movement regardless of the work under load.Caterpillar D6R Dozer


1st forward gear, km / h 3,8
Forward gearing 1.5, km / h 4,8
2nd forward gear, km / h 6,5
Forward gear 2.5, km / h 8,4
3rd forward gear, km / h 11,5
1st reverse gear, km / h 4,8
Reverse gear 1.5 km / h 6,2
2nd reverse gear, km / h 8,4
Reverse gear 2.5 km / h 8,4
3rd reverse gear, km / h 14,5

The automatic transmission shift function allows you to include an additional two rear and forward gears.

Differential rotation control

For a quick and accurate turn on the D6R Caterpillar dozer, differential rotation control is used, reducing the rotation of the track on one side and increasing it on the other, which guarantees high maneuverability under all conditions.Caterpillar D6R Dozer


The new D6R Caterpillar bulldozer cab with ROPS / FOPS operator protection and improved visibility is made using high-quality noise insulation materials, which maximizes operator comfort and safety.Caterpillar D6R Dozer

The cabin is also protected from dust through a special hermetic cab structure. The updated instrument panel incorporates minimalism and functionality, showing the basic performance of the dozer, fuel sensors, temperature and oil level and coolant.Caterpillar D6R Dozer

The innovative warning system for the operator of the Cat Electronic Monitoring System notifies the operator of various malfunctions and malfunctioning of the engine, transmission malfunction or contamination of filters, and the presence of water in the fuel.


The easily recognizable design of the running gear of the Caterpillar D6R dozer with raised drive wheel, inherent in the range of CAT tracked dozers and well-deserved owners’ reviews, helps protect the on-board transmissions from premature wear and also maintain the main important components without additional effort.Caterpillar D6R Dozer

The design of the running system Caterpillar D6R is designed for heavy-duty use and requires no additional maintenance. So the guide and support wheels are lubricated for the life of the bulldozer.Caterpillar D6R Dozer

The special design of the undercarriage systems allows to significantly increase the service life even under extreme operating conditions, such as on rocky ground and waste handling.Caterpillar D6R Dozer

A wide choice of track tracks and shoes with different widths allows to optimize the work of the bulldozer in conditions of operation in soils with low density.


Shoe type For normal operating conditions
Shoe width, mm 560
Height of lugs, mm 65
Number of shoes, pcs. 39
Number of support rollers per side, pcs. 6
Step of the link, mm 203
Frame swing on the front steering wheel, mm 86
Track gauge, mm 1880
The length of the contact area of ​​the caterpillar belt with the ground, mm 2664
Area of ​​contact with the ground, m² 2,98
Ground pressure, kPa 62,4

Bulldozer equipment

Caterpillar D6R dozers are made of high-quality steel with increased wear-resistant qualities. D6R Caterpillar dozers are equipped with a hemispherical, straight or swivel blade.Caterpillar D6R Dozer


Blade 6S
Volume, m3 3,99
Width, mm 3360
Height, mm 1257
Depth of digging, mm 473
Ground clearance, mm 1104
Maximum slope, mm 765
Weight, kg 2251

The dozer can be equipped with a special dump for clearing the territory and working in landfills.

Ripping equipment

Caterpillar D6R dozer is equipped with a three-edged ripper and can be equipped with curved or straight struts. The new design of ripping equipment with a reduced number of lubrication points provides optimal time for maintenance and extended equipment life.Caterpillar D6R Dozer


A type Fixed parallelogram
Number of sockets 3 — multi-post
Overall beam width, mm 2190
Weight with standard posts, kg 1644
Maximum depth, mm 500
Maximum penetration force, kN 65,6
Breakaway force, kN 116,5

Refueling capacity

The Caterpillar D6R dozer has the following characteristics of filling volumes:Caterpillar D6R Dozer


Fuel tank, l 424
Cooling system, l 59,4
Engine crankcase, l 28
Power transmission, l 146
Onboard reducers (each), l 13,5
Swing axis, l 5
Hydraulic tank, l 51,5
Rollers frames (each), l 24,6


Overall dimensions of the Caterpillar D6R dozer are as follows:Caterpillar D6R Dozer


1. Track gauge, mm 1880
2. Overall width of the dozer, mm
By pins 2640
Width without pins (standard shoe), mm 2440
3. The height of the machine from the edge of the lug
Exhaust pipe, mm 3115
ROPS (cab or canopy), mm 3216
Brushes, mm 3296
4. The length of the contact area of ​​the caterpillar belt with the ground, mm 2664
5. Length of base dozer, mm 3860
Increasing the length of the dozer with additional attachments
Straight blade, mm 1043
Hemispherical blade, mm 1235
Swivel blade (straight), mm 1147
Turning blade, mm 1983
Rear coupling, mm 366
Multi-row ripper, mm 1403
6. Lug Height, mm 65
7. Ground clearance, mm 372
8. Height of the coupling device, mm 576


The weight of the Caterpillar D6R dozer as standard with bulldozer and ripper equipment is 19,066 kg.

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